Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Process of Building

Identify your brand or product through a professional logo

The tides of digital marketing are turning, and many businesses are looking for quick and efficient ways to get their brands in front of high-converting customers. With Digiphlox’s PPC management services, you may improve your search engine presence and achieve quick results.


A good brand helps you bring more customers
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We create several models that fit your business or product
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Types of PPC Ads

Pay Per Click
Search Ads

These pay-per-click advertising are ideal for one-time campaign promotions or short sales cycles. Businesses seeking strong, high-quality leads from new customers should consider search advertising.

Display Ads

Display advertising is well-known for its ability to reach more than 90% of internet users. Display advertising makes use of graphics and text to catch the attention of online visitors and persuade them to take action.

Social Ads

The fastest-growing segment of pay-per-click advertising services is social media paid advertising. Brands with an active social media presence and highly-targeted audiences are good candidates for social media advertising.

Remarketing Ads

One of the most effective strategies to reach high-converting customers and boost your turnovers is through remarketing. Remarketing ads entice visitors who have already visited your website to return and convert. 

Google Shopping Ads

For websites with a high number of products, Google Shopping advertising are ideal. These PPC ads appear in a carousel, allowing potential customers to see products and pricing before visiting anyone’s website.

YouTube Ads

These are the pay-per-click ads that show in YouTube search results, YouTube videos, and video partners. 

Boost Your Brand Recognition and Scale Up Quickly with DigiPhlox

PPC Marketing Services

Make compelling advertisements that produce superior outcomes

Keyword Research & Analysis

The only thing better than Facebook’s huge audience is the cost effectiveness of their sponsored pages. Small businesses and organizations can easily promote themselves on Facebook without breaking the bank!

Landing Page Conversion

 As your Twitter advertising agency, we can help design a clear action plan for you that helps to build an effective profile for your business on this social media powerhouse.

Instagram Marketing

Having a presence on the most popular social media app gives you an opportunity to connect with and engage your target audience. Based on your budget, you can use our Instagram marketing service to amplify your organic content, boost engagements and drive traffic to your website or social media accounts. 

LinkedIn Marketing

If you have a LinkedIn profile but haven’t yet engaged in social media marketing, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. We can take over your page and keep it current. Share images and articles  regularly to keep your audience interested in following you.

Snapchat Marketing

Consumers, especially millennials, want to interact with their favorite brands and products. Snapchat allows you to create engaging stories that can be seen by thousands of your followers in seconds.

YouTube Marketing

It’s clear that YouTube marketing is changing the way brands reach consumers. If you aren’t using YouTube marketing yet, you are really missing out on an invaluable opportunity to influence your target audience and engage them in an interactive and meaningful way.